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HLB International

WW+KN – as a member of the LKC Group also a partner in HLB International

As a member of the LKC Group, WW+KN has also been a partner in HLB International and HLB Deutschland since mid-2015. HLB Deutschland is a network of accounting and tax firms including 21 independent companies at more than 36 locations nationwide.

Independent professional accounting firms in Germany have been cooperating within the network of HLB, named after the early members Hodgson, Landau and Brands, since 1972. Today, HLB Deutschland GmbH is a network comprising 21 independent professional member firms with more than 36 offices. 223 partners and 1,549 professionals and employees deal with the needs of their clients – mostly medium-sized companies. HLB Deutschland is currently one of the top 3 networks in Germany and achieved a total revenue in Germany of EUR 194 million in 2017. HLB Deutschland is an independent member of HLB International.

HLB International is a dynamic network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisors and comprises more than 700 member firms with more than 25,000 employees in over 150 countries.

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