Steuerberatung in Regensburg

WW+KN Philosophy

Continuity, Integrity, Trust and Experience

For more than six decades, the WW+KN office has stood for experience, trust, continuity, integrity and responsibility. Many of our clients have been with us for decades, some into the second or third generation.

In recent years there has been more discussion about generally deteriorating values in society. Particularly globalisation increases the effects of short-term capital orientation, lack of responsibility towards employees and business partners, and non-existent moral values. 

WWKN Mittelstand

“We“ instead of “I“

Good personal relationships and mutual respect guarantee a pleasant office climate and a high degree of motivation. We support each other so that we can give our clients the best possible advice. In doing so, every member of the team is assigned according to their personal and professional skills and strengths. The shared pool of knowledge and the office’s standards support each person in this way. We make active use of the offered initial and continued training. We work hand in hand in clear areas of responsibility and everyone is prepared to engage beyond their own assigned area. Potential problems are discussed together.

Mitarbeiter bei Videodreh

Dialogue instead of monologue

Our network includes auditors, tax advisors, notaries, lawyers, finance experts, and tax experts, all working closely together. This cooperation makes it possible for us to access a pool of knowledge, specialised competence and specific information from the world of business, law and finance. For us, the art of professional advice means knowing how to combine and use this networked expertise in the best way for our clients.

Teamwork rather than working alone

We work together for our clients. Suggestions for solutions and strategies are developed together and we work as a team to apply these. The tax advisor, the specialised employee and the secretaries’y’s office contribute equally to success. Each employee offers the client a special service, which our clients know and value. There is a strong personal relationship between our employees and our clients. The whole team works for each of our clients.