WW+KN history

In 2022 the law firm in Munich was renamed. The company name was changed from "WW+KN Krinninger Neubert Steuerberater- und Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft" to "WW+KN Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH". Only the company name changes, everything else stays the same.
In July 2022, two young colleagues and tax consultants Lydia Albert and Florian Niebler were admitted as new co-partners at WW+KN in Regensburg.
WW+KN leaves the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) and becomes a German member of the SBC Global Alliance.
At WW+KN in Munich, Birgit Krinninger and Fabian Meier, both tax consultants, became co-partners in 2021.
After almost six years, WW+KN Regensburg leaves the LKC group in order to concentrate fully on the cooperation with WW+KN Munich and the further development of the WW+KN group.
More than 65 employees work at WW+KN offices located in Munich and Regensburg. Therefore, office space at WW+KN in the Gewerbepark in Regensburg will be extended to 822 sqm. Moreover, three very special staff anniversaries can be celebrated – Carmen Bosl has been working for the office for 30 years, Sandra Geiger for 20 years and Birgit Kapp for 10 years.
WW+KN mergers the offices in Ottobrunn and Munich and moves to the new office in Fritz-Erler-Straße 30 in the South of Munich. The Munich office space is expanded to 735 sqm. Now the Munich offices of WW+KN tax consulting, WW+KN legal and WW+KN consulting are in one building together.“
WW+KN is again named as one of the leading German tax consultancies by the magazine FOCUS as well as by the finance magazine Focus Money. On July 1st, Gerhard Wagner retires as general manager of WW+KN Regensburg and leaves also the company as shareholder. New shareholders of WW+KN Regensburg are, beside Matthias Winkler and Kerstin Winkler, the tax advisor Marcel Radke and the advisory group LKC with headquarter in Munich-Grünwald. With Dr. Stefan Berz (auditor and tax advisor) and Nicolas Kemper (auditor, lawyer and tax advisor) two main partners of LKC are, beside Matthias Winkler, new general managers of WW+KN Regensburg.
First time the magazine FOCUS does a survey about the leading tax consultancies in Germany. On the nationwide list also WW+KN Ottobrunn as well as WW+KN Regensburg were named in several consulting categories. In the mid of March 2014 WW+KN organized the annual meeting of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) in Regensburg. The conference were attended by more than 40 audit, tax and legal experts from 20 European countries – from Latvia to Malta and from Portugal to Greece as well as from big countries like France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Poland. In April 2014 the business magazine Focus-Money names WW+KN Regensburg and WW+KN Ottobrunn on the list of the 150 leading tax consultancies of Germany. WW+KN Regensburg is named in the category “big tax consultancies” and WW+KN Ottobrunn in the category “medium-sized tax consultancies”. Further the magazine names corporate tax law and business tax law as well as VAT consulting as special recommended services of WW+KN.
SH+C Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH expands again onto more than 800 sqm at Gewerbepark Regensburg creating new space for training, meetings, and employee offices. In the autumn of 2013, the offices SH+C Wagner Winkler & Collegen and Kämpf Krinninger Neubert join together under the umbrella brand “WW+KN“. Thus, WW+KN unites locations in Munich, Regensburg and Ottobrunn, where 13 professionals and more than 40 other qualified employees are employed. Since March 2014 the office in Ottobrunn names as WW+KN Krinninger Neubert.
SH+C Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH becomes the German member of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) with headquarters in Paris (France). TRA is an association of specialised tax advisory offices from almost all European nations. In the same year, Matthias Winkler is appointed Vice-President of the organisation.
Markus Krinninger and Dr. René Neubert join the tax tax consultancy in Einsteinstrasse in Munich-Ottobrunn creating the tax advisor and lawyer partnership company Kämpf Krinninger Neubert (KKN).
As part of business growth, SH+C Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH expands their area to 526 sqm at the location Gewerbepark Regensburg with new rooms for meetings and training.
The Regensburg tax consultancy SH+C merges with the Gerhard Wagner office, creating the “SH+C Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH“. As part of the merger, the company moves to new premises (approx. 400 sqm) at Gewerbepark in Regensburg.
The tax consultancy SH+C in Regensburg becomes a member of AGN International Ltd., an association of more than 200 independent audit and tax consultancies from 90 countries worldwide, headquartered in London, Great Britain.
Matthias Winkler and Kerstin Winkler start a tax consultancy in Regensburg together with the auditing company SH+C Schwarz Hempe & Collegen GmbH and another partner with the label “SH+C“. This office starts in premises of 280 sqm in the HUK Coburg building in Bahnhofstrasse in Regensburg.
Tax advisors Markus Krinninger and Dr. René Neubert, who is also a lawyer, work together at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in Munich.
During further developments, the office moves into 350 sqm premises in Einsteinstrasse in Munich-Ottobrunn.
The Gerhard Wagner tax office continues to grow and moves into new premises in Ludwig-Eckert-Strasse in Regensburg.
Tax advisors Matthias Winkler and Kerstin Winkler work together for the KPMG Group in Regensburg.
Markus Krinninger and Matthias Winkler work together as auditors for medium-sized companies, especially focused on import/export at the Tax Offices of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Munich I.
The Gerhard Wagner tax consultancy grows and moves to new premises at Rennplatz in Regensburg.
Tax advisor Gerhard Wagner continues the tradition of Josef Seifert and starts his tax consultancy at Hochweg in Regensburg.
Josef Seifert founds one of the first accountancy and tax offices at the Kornmarkt in Regensburg.