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WW+KN as an employer

Working at WW+KN means to be part of a reliable team.


Since the 1950s, WW+KN has developed from being a classic tax advisory office in the centre of Regensburg into a dynamic and forward-looking tax consultancy. Varying areas of work and challenging clients facilitate interesting jobs from the newcomer to the skilled tax expert and from the university graduate to the experienced tax advisor.

We encourage our employees through targeted training offers and support them with initial and ongoing training. If they are suitable, apprentices will generally be offered a position after completing their apprenticeship. We welcome and support further education to become a certified tax consultant with the help of our specialised tax employees. Beyond this, we support employees with work experience to prepare for the tax advisor examination. Tax advisors then have the option to enter the circle of partners and managers.

Optimal work results can only be achieved by someone who has an appropriate work-life balance. With flexible working hours we aim to create the greatest possible balance between work and leisure. Re-entering the workforce after maternity or parental leave is also supported by part-time offers for working fathers or mothers. Beyond that, at WW+KN parents have the flexibility to give their families the care they need (for example, if a child is sick).