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Focus: German magazine names WW+KN group as leading tax consultancy

Each year, the economics magazine FOCUS carries out a tax advisor test across Germany, working together with the European Institute for Tax Law.

The German business magazine FOCUS conducted a survey about Germanys leading tax consultancies the fourth time in 2017. Also the WW+KN group with offices in Munich, Regensburg and Ottobrunn was named on the nationwide list.

„For us it is a big motivation to be named in several categories on the FOCUS list“, WW+KN managing partner and tax advisor Markus Krinninger said. On the nationwide list with tax consultancies from Aachen to Zwickau, also the WW+KN group was named.

The list of the leading German tax consultancies were published in the special issue February/March 2017 of the magazine FOCUS. According to FOCUS every tax consulting office, which is named on the list, gets the award “leading tax consultancy 2017” for its consulting area or its sector. The WW+KN group got the title in several categories.

In the following consulting categories WW+KN was name in the FOCUS list:

  • general tax consulting and tax returns
  • accountancy
  • personell accounting
  • corporate succession
  • inherticance, donation, relief
  • VAT consulting
  • company and corporate taxation
  • international tax consulting
  • tax law consulting / law regarding fiscal offenses
  • economically consulting
  • industry and manufacturing

The list of Germanys leading tax consulting offices was researched by the Institut Statista in Hamburg. According to FOCUS the ranking is based on the recommendation of more than 1700 tax advisors and auditors. Totally around 9700 tax advisors and auditors in the management level of 4000 different tax consulting offices were asked to take part in the survey. 20 percent of the asked persons participated in the survey.