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Inter­national Tax Consulting

International tax consulting (Germany)

Globalisation has an immediate influence on the tax rates for companies or the tax burden for internationally connected private persons.

This influence must be continually assessed in order to keep the overall tax burden within reasonable limits. When planning international investments, you should investigate how these investments influence your tax burden as soon as possible and what alternatives are available.

For example, appropriate use of holding companies can reduce or avoid foreign source taxes. WW+KN gives advice on this with international tax expertise and an extensive network of specialists.

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WW+KN advises inbound and outbound cases

For inbound and outbound investments, different tax systems and tax rates are the cornerstones for the tax burden on an internationally active corporation. Strategic tax planning is complex and requires the cooperation of qualified advisers on national and international levels. This means that European law is moving more and more into the focus of competent and responsible tax consulting.

WW+KN’s services – an overview

  • Developing tax strategies
  • Clarifying questions of double taxation law
  • Checking alternatives for corporation structuring by using holding companies, license companies and financing companies
  • Optimizing finance flows
  • Implementation of measures to account for international profit and loss
  • Tax planning in cases of corporate restructuring and transfers of functions with an international aspect
  • Planning and implementation of measures for the adjustment of the corporation’s worldwide tax rate
  • Development and implementation of risk management systems in the area of taxation for internationally active corporations
  • Taxation aspects of exchange rate management