Invest in Germany

Foreign companies in Germany

For many years WW+KN has traditionally also acted as advisor to foreign companies which are active in Germany or want to become active ("Inbound Cases"). It is simple and straightforward to found a company in Germany. Foreign investors and companies have access to all German legal forms of company. If the following information does not answer your questions, we welcome your email to

Finding the ideal legal form for entering the market

Depending on your company’s goal, its planned activities in Germany and the legal form of the foreign investor, there are various legal forms and types available in Germany for your entry into the market. Some possibilities are corporations (GmbH, AG), partnerships (GbR, OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG) or branch offices (permanent establishment of place of business or representation). The best legal form or company type varies from case to case. WW+KN is available to advise foreign companies as to which legal form they should choose in Germany.

WW+KN as your strategic partner for market entry

As well as choosing a legal form, WW+KN takes care of the entire founding process for foreign investors, involving the notary, employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit), tax office (Finanzamt) etc. WW+KN also informs about tax conditions, employment of staff and important legal regulations for business dealings. In addition, WW+KN will support you in the selection of business premises, advice on what insurance is appropriate and coordination with a lawyer regarding the preparation of employment contracts.

Full service follow-up

After completing market entry and founding a German company or establishing a place of business, WW+KN offers further services: including payroll and general accounting, VAT and salary tax registration and the preparation and filling of company tax returns and annual financial statement. WW+KN also offers professional reporting to the foreign parent company or foreign investor about the development of the German branch of the company, in German or English language. Video conferences via Microsoft Teams also help to develop personal relationships with clients located in other countries.