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Tax Compliance for Businesses

Tax compliance for businesses

With the increasing pressure of competition, companies are concentrating more on their core competencies.

These do not generally include administrative activities. So that the company’s management can concentrate on the key tasks at hand, WW+KN offers to manage the compliance activities, completly or partially as request. You are welcome to send us your questions on this subject by sending an email to office@wwkn.de.

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WW+KN gives advice

  • Payroll accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Preparation annual reports
  • Preparation company tax returns
  • Support for company audits
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax reporting

WW+KN gives advice to companies within Germany and also in other countries with the help of colleagues from the SBC Global Alliance. WW+KN can put together individual service packages so that companies all over the world can ensure they fulfil requirement with regard to tax returns, information and documentation.

For companies, the Compliance Relationship Manager is a key contact person and responsible functionary. He checks and coordinates all worldwide compliance tasks and activities and ensures prompt and quality service. He is supported by experienced compliance teams in the SBC specialist network.

WWKN Steuerberater