Transfer pricing consulting

International transfer pricing consulting (Germany)

Following the rule of law takes a lot of time and is challenging, since it continues to become more and more strict.

The tax administration is increasing pressure on those with tax obligations and with international business relationships, as part of external tax audits. The focus is regularly on testing the appropriateness of agreed transfer prices as well as on detecting transfers of functions which have already taken place.

We will accompany you in all phases of structuring and documentation for your transfer prices: from the strategy and concept to implementation and presentation vis-à-vis the tax authorities. Together with recognized transfer pricing specialists, we can develop individual solutions for you with regard to legal regulations and the use of available structural scope.

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Our approach to consulting in the area of transfer pricing

Our primary concerns are:

  • Showing options for structuring tax-efficient supply chains
  • Risk management for transfer pricing matters which have already been implemented
  • Prompt documentation and quantitative analysis
  • Tax planning, structuring, optimizing and safeguarding

We represent foreign companies with German subsidiaries or German places of business and as well as German companies with foreign branches. Our service covers everything from giving a second opinion to full service in setting up a transfer pricing system and documentation.

Our services in the area of transfer pricing – an overview

Risk management for transfer pricing matters which have already been implemented

  • Creating a risk profile for the transfer pricing models which have been used
  • Viewing and analysing contracts for corporation-internal deliveries, services, holding fees, research and development, licenses and financing
  • Support in checking the transfer pricing systems as part of external tax audits, including via database-supported margin analysis

Documentation and quantitative analysis

  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation according to legal requirements
  • Detailed analysis of functions and risks
  • Calculating the value of transfer packages in cases of transfer of function

Tax planning, structuring, optimizing and safeguarding

  • Conception and implementation of transfer pricing systems
  • Structuring of transfer prices in cases of company acquisitions and restructuring
  • Advanced Pricing Agreements (ADA)
  • Consulting on corporation-internal invoicing in cases of personnel assignments