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WW+KN-business-breakfast „retirement arrangement“

16. July 2014 /

WW+KN-Business-Breakfast „Retirement Arrangement – strategies, chances and risks“ was with 26 participants well attended and showed how important the theme is.

“In view of the demographic changes in Germany retirement arrangement is a big challenge”, WW+KN managing partner Matthias Winkler said at the beginning of the event. Beside this many people are unsettled in view of the discussion about a possible inflation in the Eurozone as well as in view of the development during and after the financial crisis.  

Against this background Lorenz W. Scherer, senior partner of FP Finanzpartner AG and certified financial planner (EBS), did a presentation about the current developments regarding retirements arrangement in Germany. “You will be getting older than you expect”, the finance specialist explained to the participants. Most people expect to get 80 or 85 years, but based on statistic most people will be getting between 90 and 95 years. This increase of expectancy of life has also big influence to the retirement arrangement. 

Scherer explained several strategies for the retirement arrangement. He recommend a mixed with national old-age pension, employer pension and private pensions as well as with share based fund and rental income. “There is no general strategy, every person must decide which strategy is the best for him, it is an individual decision”, Scherer summarized his recommendations. 

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