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WW+KN at german-italian chamber of commerce in Milan

WW+KN visited two cooperation partners in Milan – the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian TRA partner office Studio Cassinis

„Since 2006 we have been working together with the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce and are the VAT representative of Italian companies in Germany“, Marcel Radke said, who is tax manager at WW+KN. In view of this cooperation WW+KN managing partner Matthias Winkler and his two colleagues Veronika Prüll and Marcel Radke visited Milan in February.

The German-Italian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italy) belongs to the international network of 120 German foreign Chambers of Commerce, which are located in 80 countries and employ together 1.400 people. The AHKs work strongly together with the local Chambers of Commerce (IHK) in Germany. Together AHKs and IHKs support companies in Germany and Italy to develop their business in both countries. Also WW+KN, beside approximately 600 other companies, is a member of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

At the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce the three WW+KN colleagues discussed with Simona Bellotti and Claudia Passuello from the AHK about cross-border VAT affairs and about the cooperation. After the appointment at the AHK WW+KN also visited the annual conference of the Chamber with more than 400 participants. The German ambassador in Italy, Reinhard Schäfers, and the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, were speakers at the event. In the center of the event were networking between the participants as well as the discussion and information about the EXPO 2015, which will be held in Milan.

On the following day the WW+KN experts visited also the Italian TRA partner office, Studio Cassinis, in Milan. TRA is the abbreviation for Tax Representative Alliance, an association of independent tax specialist from all important countries in the world. In the Milan office of Studio Cassinis the WW+KN colleagues Matthias Winkler, Veronika Prüll and Marcel Radke spoke with their Italian colleagues Corrado Cassinis, Guiseppe Cassinis and Raffaele Caso about bilateral VAT affairs.