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Tax Planning & Consulting

Strategic tax planning and consulting by WW+KN

Every business decision and nearly every private decision has financial and taxation consequences. WW+KN will support you in this as your strategic partner.

Before making important decisions, you should work through the effects of each choice and seek possible alternatives. This is particularly important if you come to Germany from another country. If the following information does not answer your questions, we welcome your email to

  • Showing the taxation consequences of planned business activities in Germany
  • Showing the taxation consequences of a planned beginning of employment in Germany
  • Strategic tax planning to optimise your tax burden in Germany
  • Support in your annual tax planning to determine expected tax payments
  • Comparison of taxation consequences of various scenarios such as buy vs. rent/lease, GmbH vs. KG, purchase by your own capital or by bank loan
  • Comparison of tax burdens and selection of legal form in view of taxation
  • Structuring company investments in Germany
  • Establishing holding structures in view of taxation
  • Checking the taxation consequences of upcoming decisions
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