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WW+KN at the third icon-tax-day in Linz (Austria)

WW+KN partner Markus Krinninger held a lecture about cross-border changes of the legal form of a subsidiary in Linz (Austria) at the third ICON-Tax Day.

In the mid of September the Austrian tax consulting firm ICON held its 3rd „Tax Day“ in Linz. This year the main topic of the event was “Group Taxation”. Beside many international tax experts from ICON also partner and tax advisor Markus Krinninger held a speech at the conference. Markus Krinninger is also certified specialist in international tax law and informed about the cross-border change of the legal form of a subsidiary corporation into a partnership company. Markus Krinninger did explain the tax consequences on the German side, while ICON tax advisor Gerhard Heidrich informed about the taxation on the Austrian side.

The tax consulting office ICON is specialized in finding reliable solutions for international tax questions with relation to Austria (expatriates, payroll, permanent establishments, corporate structure, company formation, transfer pricing). More than the half of the ICON tax experts worked for companies earlier. So ICON has experience how companies can administer solutions for tax problems and how firms can implement processes for doing business according to the tax laws. Many of the clients of ICON are international industry and manufacturing companies as well as tax advisors from Austria and other countries, who consult ICON regarding international tax questions.

The relation between both tax consulting offices exists with Markus Krinninger and ICON partner Stefan Bendlinger, who have held together seminars about the taxation of permanent establishments for many years. Furthermore WW+KN and ICON work together regarding several Austrian-German cross-border tax cases.

Beside tax advisors also tax specialists from companies explained solutions for tax challenges and how their firms implemented structures and processes. This year Mag. Alois Pöttinger from voestalpine AG, Mag. Anette Klinger from IFN Holding AG and Thomas Thomasberger from Siemens Austria informed about the tax solutions in their firms.

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